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Real Poker LLC proudly presents the

The Arizona Poker Tour includes the Arizona State Poker Player of the Year (a points-based contest) and the REAL Arizona State Poker Championship Series (public freeroll events).

What is Real Poker?

Real Poker LLC is a 501c7 social club that operates as a not-for-profit player’s co-operative. The club is 100% owned and operated by its members. Real Poker effectively brings our collective “social gambling” home games and leagues under one “amusement gambling” umbrella.
Real Poker’s exempt purpose is “the proliferation of the appreciation, understanding and play of poker throughout Arizona”. This includes, but is not limited to, the seven of 15 counties that do not have access to professional, competitive poker games or contests.
As the creator, and top-of-mind brand, of this new vertical market for amusement gambling poker tournaments (AGPTs), Real Poker creates a paradigm shift in how – and where – traditional poker contests can be conducted in Arizona. We actively encourage others to follow our lead, or inquire about establishing affiliates or chapters of Real Poker LLC.
Real Poker has the potential to become a market disrupter by making professional poker easier to access at friendly, neighborhood establishments, and by organizing and conducting poker games and contests that are 100% controlled by the members of the Club.
Real Poker is also a grassroots movement. We encourage all Arizonans to take individual action to help reclaim our State’s sovereign authority to regulate any and all forms of gaming. This would open the door for regulating not only poker tournaments, but ring games, sports betting, daily fantasy sports, or any other type of publicly accepted gaming that wasn’t already lawful in 2002. “Compacts by initiative” are potentially unconstitutional and unlawful, but with no return on investment for challenging or prohibiting their use in the future, nobody has or will. A non-profit association such as Real Poker LLC could make a difference because we're not interested in the ROI. We’re interested in justice and the public benefit. We're motivated in our cooperative pursuit of freedom, liberty, and the proliferation of poker throughout Arizona.
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