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Real Poker’s Arizona Poker Tour

The 2nd Annual Real
Arizona State Poker Championship

A Public Freeroll Event with
a guaranteed prize pool projection of $5,000!

Held the Last Week of December 2019

at Toso’s Sports Grill (2401 W Union Hills, Phoenix off I-17)

12:00 pm
Registration Begins, Social-Happy Hour
12:45 pm
Early bird registration ends (+500 bonus chips)
1:00 pm
Tournament Begins
2:15 pm
Registration ends after break - closed to further entries.

This poker tournament event is open to the general public, and completely free to enter. There are no rebuys or addons. 4,000 chip starting stack (80 big blinds). As there is no consideration/risk involved, this event fails to meet the statutory definition of gamble or gambling in Arizona. Some participants may receive bonus starting chips based on attendance at Real Poker events (no event participation or purchase necessary).

As with our regular amusement gambling poker tournament events on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Toso’s, we have 20 minute blinds for the first hour, and 15 minutes thereafter. 10 minute breaks after every three levels. Antes are introduced after the third break.

This Annual Championship Freeroll event is conducted as a multi-table freezeout with the winner receiving the posted cash prize. Additional merchandise prizes or gift cards may be donated and will be offered as additional prizes as posted on the white board on the day of the event.

A wait list will be established by registration priority. Wait-listed players will be seated by priority with a full starting stack. There are no rebuys or addons in this event. Depending on the attendance numbers (this is our first public freeroll event), players that arrive late may not get into the game until the blinds are bigger than their starting stack.

Players remaining may at any time unanimously agree to chop the prize pool in whatever manner they see fit. Normal poker etiquette is to propose any chops to the chip leader, as they have the ultimate power to say what passes or doesn't pass, or to counter-offer the initial proposal as negotiations proceed. The decision to chop must be unanimous and be declared between hands. If one person rejects a proposed chop, only that person may reintroduce a new proposal (or counter), until a player exits the tournament, at which time anyone may offer a new chop proposal. The tournament clock does not stop for chop negotiations under any circumstances. The dealer should not stop dealing unless the table unanimously agrees to hold up the deal to allow chop negotiations to proceed (the dealer may ask after a hand is completed and chop negotiations are underway, if the table wants to hold the deal while negotiations conclude).

As always, club members enjoy 15% off food purchases at Toso’s. However, the usual two-item purchase bonus of 1,000 chips must be suspended at this freeroll event, as it would monetize the chips. Likewise, we will not be giving 500 bonus chips to first time members playing in this event as we have during our December membership drive as that too, may be considered monetization of the chips. The event must remain completely free to enter to avoid the statutory definition of gamble or gambling in Arizona.

Participants in the freeroll can receive 250 bonus chips for every Real Poker event they attended in 2018 (capped at 10K max starting chips). There is no participation or purchase necessary to qualify for these bonus chips, just sign in with the tournament director as an attendee. Attendance bonus chips do not, therefore, monetize the free chips. Previous attorney general opinions have suggested that this form of awarding patrons is perfectly fine, as it encourages use of a membership or service or product, which is often the objective of such companies or organization offering (no purchase necessary) bonuses or awards that requires no skill or luck to obtain.

Real Poker LLC Membership fees are $40 annually, capped at $200 lifetime. We have elected to crowd-fund our co-operative social club in this manner, covering the seed and startup costs, initial equipment, and ongoing operations. The club is 100% owned and controlled by it’s members, and every member has an equal vote in how and what the club does. On November 27th, we completed the election of our first group of nine volunteers to serve on our “Final Table”. These officers and directors are charged with enacting the will of the majority and conducting the bi-monthly general membership meetings where official club business takes place, always with a quorum present and the majority approval of members. At these meetings, we discuss old and new business that further our goals and objectives. Membership benefits and application can be found here.

Real Poker uses this annual freeroll event to disburse retained earnings, if any, for each season (calendar year) of the Arizona Poker Tour. These funds are disbursed to the public at large for the public benefit and in furtherance of our exempt purpose mission. The annual freeroll fund is sponsored by the members of Real Poker LLC in furtherance of our exempt purpose mission.

This annual event is projected to reach $500K by our fifth year of operations, with just moderate growth! Become a member today and help in our mission: the proliferation of the understanding, appreciation and play of poker throughout Arizona. This includes those 7 of 15 counties without a viable option for a professionally dealt, competitive poker game.

You can always play as a member's guest, but the club only tracks points for members. Points are not retroactive, although guests have till the end of the event to fill out a membership application and still receive points for the event.

Pursuant to I.R.S. 501c7 guidelines, members must pay all guest’s event-related fees, if any. This can be rather cumbersome, if not rather awkward.

If you were a member/player in any of the 64+ defunct (or even still active) gray market social cardrooms in the Valley, you're first year membership is waived, a bonus for your early adoption of alternative options to the tribal gambling oligopoly. If a $40 membership fee is too much or difficult for you, speak to the event director about alternative options.

We’re taking poker back - one game at a time... and having a blast doing it! Join the best home game away from home and become a member today!

Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

Real Poker LLC is a private, membership club operating as a not-for-profit 501c7 (pending) cooperative. Real Poker has created the Arizona Poker Tour as a series of amusement gambling poker tournaments (APGTs) in furtherance of our exempt purpose: the proliferation of the play, understanding, and appreciation of poker in Arizona. This includes, but is not limited to, those 7 of 15 counties without access to a professionally dealt, competitive game.

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