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Real Arizona. Real Tour. Real Hold’em.

The Arizona Poker Tour represents the culmination Real Poker’s efforts to bring social home games, private leagues, and defunct gray market “social” cardrooms into the public sphere, where players can openly compete in traditional poker tournaments, using non-participating, professional dealers.

APT Rollout Plan

The Club’s initial plan is to conduct smaller, individually organized, invite-only events that allow the membership to grow organically and in a controlled manner.

In general practice, as an exempt social poker club, only the club’s members (not the club itself) can invite guests to participate in events or to become a member. This keeps the 501c7 club membership limited, as required by the I.R.S., but it also gives club member’s friends the opportunity to experience Arizona Poker Tour events firsthand without having to become a member. We want people to understand how AGPTs compare to social home games or regulated casino events, and to experience the level of competition that Real Poker events provide. We hope that guests will consider becoming members too.

All members have an open invitation to attend all Arizona Poker Tour AGPT events, including invitation-only soft opening events. Once we establish a regular venue rotation, event schedules will be posted online. Our goal is to begin offering weekly events at four compass-point locations in the Valley as quickly as possible.

Feel free to suggest potential Arizona Poker Tour stops in your neighborhood! Venues should be able to accommodate three to six tabletops. Sports bars and grills are our ideal Tour stop venues but community centers and private residences could work too. Commercial venue owners/managers need to recognize the value in being a regular stop on the Arizona Poker Tour (free press, promotion and advertising, increased patronage and public awareness). In negotiating terms for event space, the cooperative seeks only a discount on member’s food and beverage purchases. We’re not charging $250 or more as free pub poker operations do to bring 30-50 people in, and Real Poker players are better patrons with expendable income (standard AGPT event is a $60 max buy-in). AGPTs can also offer bonus starting chips for purchases (“free” pub poker can’t)... and unlike social or regulated gambling, AGPTs aren’t restricted to adults of legal age. How many families are about to discover the fun, quality bonding experience that AGPTs provide? Parents can bring their sons or daughters as their guest to competitive poker events at their favorite local sports bar and grill.

By utilizing third party venues, the cooperative keeps overhead low. That’s not to say that we won’t eventually have our own clubhouse(s), but a diversity of venues is the foundation of any “tour”. Tour stop variety allows members to experience different environments and competitors, food and drink specials, and any other amenities a venue provides. The majority of APT venues should offer easy freeway access for members coming from all parts of the Valley, but in our outreach efforts, we plan to include some “landlocked” and more remote venues on the Tour.

Once we have a four venues signed on, we will officially launch the Arizona Poker Tour. We will promote the Grand Opening in advance, at the venues using posters and flyers, through social media, e-blasts and texts to over 1,200 Valley poker players in our database. We will issue press releases announcing Real Poker’s first public-benefit freeroll tournament while highlighting the need for this type of product. Real Poker creates a new vertical (non-profit) market and establishes itself as the de facto standard, with top-of-mind brand awareness, as we create a paradigm shift in how – and where – professional, competitive poker tournaments can be conducted in Arizona.

We hope to have 7 to 14 venues on the Tour by the end of our first year. That would establish a solid, Valley-wide network with a Tour rotation that stops at each venue every week or two. As we ramp up to 24-30 events per month (per mobile setup), members and their guests will be able to enjoy a competitive, professionally dealt Arizona Poker Tour event any day of the week.

Mid-range plans include expanding outside the Valley with Real Poker chapters or affiliate clubs. We will also help individuals seeking to start their own non-profit 501c7 poker club by providing advice and accumulated wisdom that has taken Real Poker’s founders several years to compile. We do this for the public benefit and in furtherance of our exempt purpose and mission, the proliferation of poker through Arizona.

Where, when and what we play is completely up to the members, and in part, on the club’s ability to identify and negotiate mutually beneficial terms in our agreements with Tour venues. Currently, we are looking at potential venues in North Phoenix because the founding members know many poker players in that area or willing to travel to that area. If you believe there is an ideal venue in your neighborhood, let us know. We will scout it out and if the majority agrees, create a custom pitch and attempt to negotiate an arms-length third party agreement with that venue.

Of course, all plans are subject to change. With just a few members starting out, our objectives are unified and unanimous. As long as a majority of members, especially those elected to the “Final Table”, remain vigilantly focused on ensuring that all decisions help to further the proliferation of poker throughout Arizona, then our exempt purpose and reason for existence will remain a cornerstone of the “club culture” long after the founders and earliest members are gone.

The entertainment product Real Poker provides for its members is a series of amusement gambling poker tournament events called the Arizona Poker Tour. All member-generated revenue is used by the club exclusively in the furtherance of its exempt purpose and mission: the appreciation and play of poker throughout Arizona.

The cooperative goal of every club member is to help create positive, personal experiences at Real Poker events, by using casino-quality equipment, employing a knowledgeable event staff, in a friendly, social environment where professionally dealt, competitive poker contests can be organized and conducted for the entertainment and commingling of all Club members on a regular basis.

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