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Proposed Annual Series of Freeroll Championship Events

We will begin hosting monthly public freerolls when the monthly freeroll fund reaches $1,000. In 2019, we should be able to fund this as a quarterly and eventually monthly event, picking up where we left off in 2012 at The Tilted Jack Social Poker Club Cooperative:

January - Arizona State Limit Hold'em Championship - Reigning Champion: Beaver (Scott)
February - Arizona State 5x5 (Murder) Championship - Reigning Champion: TerranceS
March - Arizona State Crazy Pineapple Championship - Reigning Champion: DaveLeisch
April - Arizona State Super Hold'em Championship - Reigning Champion: Anvil
May - Arizona State River Down Hold'em Championship - Reigning Champion: JamiT
June - Arizona State Hold'em-Omaha (High) "HOH" Championship - Reigning Champion: Hammer
July - Arizona State Crazy8's Championship - Reigning Champion: TBD
August - Arizona State Badugi Championship - Reigning Champion: Anvil
September - Arizona State PLO8 Championship - Reigning Champion: Vette87
October - Arizona State Razz Championship - Reigning Champion: Mr.Wilson
November - Arizona State Omaha Championship - Reigning Champion: Hammer
December - The “REAL” Arizona State Poker Championship (Hold'em) - Reigning Champion: TBD

Other options: 5-card draw, Stud, HOR, Montana, blackjack extreme, anaconda, royal deck (4 handed tables with 2-8s removed, two decks); double hold'em (two communities, split pot or pig it); Super Omaha; Roll Your Own; Deuces Wild, Heads-Up championship (difficult to conduct and coordinate schedules).

December marks our annual membership drive, and the December (monthly) and Annual freeroll funds, plus excess (retained) earnings, if any, are combined to sponsor the Real Arizona State Poker Championship. This disbursal will also give the Club a Net Zero balance (not-for-profit) for each year that we conduct the Arizona Poker Tour.

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herein are those of private individuals and not an attorney.

Real Poker LLC is a private, membership club operating as a not-for-profit 501c7 (pending) cooperative. Real Poker has created the Arizona Poker Tour as a series of amusement gambling poker tournaments (APGTs) in furtherance of our exempt purpose: the proliferation of the play, understanding, and appreciation of poker in Arizona. This includes, but is not limited to, those 7 of 15 counties without access to a professionally dealt, competitive game.

© 2018 Real Poker LLC. All Rights Reserved. All opinions expressed
herein are those of private individuals and not an attorney.

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