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Step 1: Complete the membership application below. Print a hard copy for your records.

Step 2: Bring your ID and printed application to the event you have been invited to. Alternatively, you can e-mail the completed application to, but not all systems and PDF software allows saving or sending data forms. You may be able to "print to PDF" or "Preview" and save that file, or take a screen snapshot or a photo of your screen or printed application. Applications will be available at events as well.

Step 3: You're now a player on the Arizona Poker Tour. You'll begin enjoying the benefits of Real Poker membership. You'll be invited to all future events, and begin earning points in the Arizona Poker Player of the Year contest. You'll receive an official membership card. You'll begin earning bonus starting chips for use in public freeroll events. You'll be paid a 50% commission for the lifetime of any new members you recruit (up to $100 value). You'll be eligible to run for office, volunteer, get hired by the club, and more! So send your application in now, and get on the soft opening invitation list. Our first events will begin on Tuesdays in June 2018. Details to be announced by May 25th via e-mail to existing members. Existing members may invite up to eight (8) guests under IRS 501c7 guidelines.*

Option-Click to SAVE PDF file to to disk.
PDF forms are not yet compatible with mobile devices.

Note regarding fillable PDF forms: Older operating systems, browsers and software don't play nice with PDF forms. You'll have the best luck saving the PDF application and opening it with the latest version of Acrobat Reader. If all else fails, come to an event and fill out a hard copy of the application.

*Also per I.R.S. guidelines, Members must pay their guest’s fees, if any. Guests do not receive any membership benefits, although they may be eligible for promotional awards, if any (such as High Hand). Points are not retroactive for guests. Guests may become members after an event and earn any points they would be eligible to receive, but that decision must be made before Real Poker event staff shut down the event.

During our soft opening phase, members will be notified two weeks in advance of upcoming events. Initial, membership-building events will be by invitation only, with the founders and existing members inviting additional guests. Guests not only help fill seats at events, but may also elect to become members. Chances are that whoever sent you to is your membership sponsor. Every member must have a sponsor. This isn't to avoid infiltration by the cops (we'll be inviting them to our events). This is part of the I.R.S. requirement that membership in a 501c7 must be limited. We limit the membership this way, as well as by requiring a total of $200 in lifetime membership fees, or capital contributions. After all, the club, its equipment, its accounts, everything is 100% owned and operated by and for the members benefit. Every member should have an equal amount of "skin" in the game, not just the founding members.

Our goal is to have our first mobile setup (6 tables) conducting 1-2 events nightly at 6 or 7 different venues in different parts of the Valley by the end of our first year of operation. We'll get there quickly and easily if enough people participate.

Per the club operating agreement: All members are required make a lifetime aggregate total of $200 in contributions to the cooperative. A $40 annual club membership is effectively a layaway plan to lifetime membership. If $40 is a financial hardship for you, the club offers alternatives. Speak to or e-mail the club Treasurer. Member’s capital contributions are used to crowdfund pre-revenue and startup costs, including incorporating and licensing, initial equipment, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, expansion, and reserves for various programs in furtherance of our exempt purpose.

The club operates with complete transparency, open meetings, and open books. All financial transactions are available to all members for review. Audited budget and balance sheets are provided at regular meetings. It is of paramount importance that the club's ethical, responsible, civil activities are always above board and above reproach.

Want to be a legal owner? Any member that has made a lifetime (aggregate) capital contribution of $200 or more can ask to be added as a legal owner to the LLC Articles of Incorporation, which are amended annually. The founders, and any added LLC members, do not receive any additional benefit than those all members enjoy. The founders have personally financed all pre-revenue startup costs themselves. And as listed LLC members, incur any and all liability (civil or criminal) related to the activities of the club. Yet they are handing over control and management of the club to its members in the form of a democratic cooperative. Why would they do this? Because we can, and should... especially if its good for the game!

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