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Real Members. Real Players. Real Friends.

First year FREE if you were a bona fide member of ANY defunct “social gambling” cardroom in Arizona!

Step 1: Fill out the membership application below.

Step 2: Pay for your membership online or at an event. You may also pre-register for events online and save.


Complete and save or print the above application.
You may E-MAIL it to
or HAND DELIVER it to a staff member any Real Poker event.

Membership Capital Contribution:
$40 Annually (5-year max cap) or $200 Lifetime


Memberships & Event Registrations:

NOTE: All member fees, dues, assessments, and event registrations are not tax deductible as charitable 501(c)3 donations. Real Poker LLC is a 501c7 not-for-profit, exempt proprietary club.

Per the club operating agreement: All members are required make a lifetime total of $200 in capital contributions to the cooperative. A $40 annual club membership is effectively a layaway plan to lifetime membership. If $40 is a financial hardship for you, the club offers alternatives (see operating agreement or the club Treasurer).

You should not view membership in Real Poker as an investment. It would be virtually impossible for any member, based solely on their status as a member, to make money on their $200 initial capital contribution. Member contributions in excess of $200 must be approved by the majority of members, and shall be treated as loans to the club. Member loans are given first position priority, but offer no guarantee of repayment. The club’s assets serve as loan collateral. Regardless of the amount of an LLC member’s capital contributions, all LLC members own an equal interest in the cooperative, and all club members equally manage and control the organization, including the Arizona Poker Tour and all AGPTs, and any other Real Poker activity or event. Lifetime LLC members and the elected volunteers of the Final Table have a trust responsibility to all club members and the cooperative. Additional details are available in the operating agreement.

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