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Toso’s Bar & Restaurant just east of I-17 (2401 W Union Hills) has leased private event space to our club to conduct Arizona Poker Tour events every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We conduct a DEEP STACK tournament on the FIRST Saturday of each month (replacing our regular 6pm Saturday event).

To stay as current as possible on all information, make sure we have your e-mail address and/or cell phone for any late updates and alerts. We usually send an e-blast and SMS reminders between 12 and 48 hours before each scheduled event.

On Tuesdays we have our big weekly game... it draws 4-5-6 tables regularly.

Thursdays at Toso’s starting in 2019... just as good as our Tuesday event.

All Saturdays except first Saturday (Same as Tuesdays and Thursdays)

First Saturday Deep Stack @ Toso’s
(1/5, 2/2, 3/2, 4/6, 5/4, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3, 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7)

Sign in with the Tournament Director as soon as you arrive. The wait list is established by priority sign-in order. Members and their guests should arrive up to 15 minutes before the tournament starts to get an "early bird" +500 bonus starting chip. This helps the tournament director to establish how many tables we need so we can start on time and with balanced tables.

We ask that members help demonstrate our gratitude to Toso’s for being our initial Tour stop. Please arrive early and order dinner during the social hour before each tournament. Toso's is offering a 15% discount on food. Toso’s also has a “Toso’s card”, which gives you an additional 5% cash back. The pre-tournament happy/social hour is the perfect time for a quick bite while you socialize with, and get to know, fellow club members and event staff. From time to time you may also enjoy a club member presentation or poker-related seminar, or raise your hand in an official club meeting. Bi-monthly general club meetings and various committee meetings take place at regularly scheduled places and times with notice.

Registered players not in their seats at the start will be blinded out. If a dead stack is not set out, one round of blinds per level missed will be removed from the starting stack for any late arrivals. All dead stacks are removed from play when the tournament entry period ends at the end of the first (addon) break.

If wait-listed because the tables are full, members will be seated according to the priority based on arrival and sign-in time. Wait-listed members will receive a full starting stack with all applicable bonuses and addon options.

After the entry period is over, wait-listed members/guests not yet seated will be asked for their entry fees so we can accurately determine the event prize pool and payouts. Wait listed members must decide at the break if they want to enter the event or not. Payment guarantees entry, but no refunds are made once the first break ends, decisions are made, and the official numbers are posted.

Real Poker’s event times and locations are are decided at scheduled general membership meetings, and based on venue availability. We hope to provide a good mix of single, unlimited and no rebuy games with multiple event options each week. We will schedule some "re-entry or rebuy events", freezeouts, bounties, and other formats such as PLO, PLO8, Badugi, Pineapple, and more as we grow during our soft openings. Any WSOP-sanctioned tournament format can be conducted as an amusement gambling event. Cash (“ring“) games are not an option that Real Poker can offer under the amusement gambling exclusion (the cash pot may be considered a “lure to separate the player/s from their money”, and a cash pot, not the entertainment event, is not a valid “product” under the amusement gambling exclusion). Our exempt purpose mission: the proliferation of the understanding, appreciation and play of poker throughout Arizona, certainly includes the ability to attempt to remedy this situation by lobbying or through litigation.

Updated Blind Structures as of 12/4/18

Blind structures may be modified at TD discretion.

Tournament payouts are one spot per seven players (rounding), and at the % for each place:

The Tournament Director may adjust the percentages above. The 75-25%, for example, could be 70-30%. The goal is to hit 10:1 max buy return for first place, and pay another place every 7 players, with an 80% total return to the members. Tournament director may, at their discretion, add or adjust payouts, especially for deep stack tournament, to chop in an extra payout of 2-3x the entry fee for the lowest money spot. Adjusting to 6 players = 1 payout has been discussed, but doing so limits the opportunity to discuss chopping. The goal is to avoid situations (particularly in the deep stack events) where we have a $2000 first place and $500 2nd place with no third place. We'd rather see $1800/500/200. That creates a choppable prize pool when its down to the money players.

Chopping the prize pool: Players remaining in the tournament may at any time unanimously agree to chop the prize pool in whatever manner they see fit. Normal poker etiquette is to propose any chops to the chip leader, as they have the ultimate power to say what passes or doesn't pass, or to counter-offer the initial proposal as negotiations proceed. The decision to chop must be unanimous and be declared between hands. If one person rejects a proposed chop, only that person may reintroduce a new proposal (or counter), until a player exits the tournament, at which time anyone may offer a new chop proposal. The tournament clock does not stop for chop negotiations under any circumstances. The dealer should not stop dealing unless the table unanimously agrees to hold up the deal to allow chop negotiations to proceed (the dealer may ask after a hand is completed and chop negotiations are underway, if the table wants to hold the deal while negotiations conclude).

Do you have any suggestions? Likes or dislikes? As with all things club-related, member input is invaluable! If you would like to see something added, removed or modified, please talk to a staff member, member of the Final Table (our elected executive committee of volunteers who enact the will of the majorty), or drop a note via e-mail, or attend any regularly scheduled general membership meeting, where members are given floortime to speak about anything club-related. We will hold our first elections once the Operating Agreement is executed and we have 100 members, the minimum required for recognition by the International Cooperative Association ( The seven principles of a cooperative are very much in line with our mission, vision, exempt purpose and goals.

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© 2018 Real Poker LLC. All Rights Reserved. All opinions expressed
herein are those of private individuals and not an attorney.

Real Poker LLC is a private, membership club operating as a not-for-profit 501c7 (pending) cooperative. Real Poker has created the Arizona Poker Tour as a series of amusement gambling poker tournaments (APGTs) in furtherance of our exempt purpose: the proliferation of the play, understanding, and appreciation of poker in Arizona. This includes, but is not limited to, those 7 of 15 counties without access to a professionally dealt, competitive game.

© 2018 Real Poker LLC. All Rights Reserved. All opinions expressed
herein are those of private individuals and not an attorney.

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