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For bona fide* members of any defunct “social gambling” cardroom in Arizona.

Real Poker Membership Card Benefits:

Open invitation to compete in all Club events. Our first year goal is ramp up to 24 events per month at 6+ venues with our first (of many) six-table mobile setups.
Compete in the annual “Real Arizona State Poker Championship”, a public freeroll event with a projected $500K guaranteed cash prize pool by year five.
Compete in the APT monthly (or $1K) freeroll “State Championship Series” for Stud, Omaha, Mixed, Draw, and other WSOP/member-approved poker formats.
Receive bonus starting chips at ALL public freeroll events (attendance points).
Compete as an Arizona Poker Tour player in the “Player of the Month” and “Player of the Year” contests (skill points).
Invite up to 8 guests to Club events. (Members pay guest fees, if any).
Earn a 50% lifetime commission for new members you recruit (a lifetime commission of $80-$100 per member recruited).
Win the High Hand of the Month, or other member-approved promotional awards (~$100/mo).
Access a powerful powerful network comprised of thousands of like-minded people, from every demographic, and all walks of life.
Get hired as a dealer, director, or other cooperative employee.
Discounts at APT venues and other local businesses (as negotiated).
Get event results, archives, player statistics and point standings updated online daily.
Stay informed and educated about poker and about the Club to help further our mission and goals, to become a better player, and an ambassador of Real Poker and our grassroots movement.
Optional legal ownership of the Club. The club is 100% owned by it’s lifetime members ($160-$200 aggregate contributions) that have opted for legal ownership. All club members collectively and democratically manage and control the club. Legal ownership of the club is available to all members. Adding your name to the Articles of Organization is a demonstrative display of solidarity with club’s purpose, vision, mission and goals. Ownership provides no additional benefits beyond those that all members equally enjoy. Ownership provides a legal point of contact, the assumption of any liabilities associated with Club, and establishes an ownership trust responsibility to the club and its members. See our operating agreement for more details. No member receives dividends, distributions, interest or a percentage of revenues, if any, based solely on their status as a member of Real Poker, LLC.

Real Poker is a private 501c7 membership club, you must be a member (or member’s guest) to participate in Real Poker’s AGPT events.

Membership is not required to participate in public freeroll events, which are “not gambling” as there is no risk – nor monetization of free chips.


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* A bona fide membership means that an existing member can vouch for such former cardroom membership if a membership card or other evidence is not available. Bona fide defunct gray market cardroom members need contribute an aggregate of $160 to the club before they convert to lifetime membership with the option to freely become LLC owners. Former members of defunct social gambling cardrooms dues for their first year are considered paid by virtue of their early adoption of alternatives to poker games and contests relegated exclusively to another nation-state. Such individuals understand the need for public awareness about the predatory gambling pandemic and systemic problems with “compacts by initiative” and direct law that usurps Arizona’s regulated gambling exclusion from 97% of the State’s citizens.

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