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Real Competition. Real Dealers. Real Fun.

Real Poker is comprised of like-minded, fun loving people, and attempts to bring our collective home games and leagues under one umbrella, in the form of a not-for-profit club where players can compete openly in third party venues. We want to create the best possible experience for our members and their guests, by using dedicated, non-participating dealers, professional equipment, and competitive points races and bonus contests related to our annual season.

The founders and initial members have crowdfunded this private, membership club so all members can equally own and control the operations and finances, as a democratic co-operative. We elect volunteer club officers to enact the will of the majority, as determined at our bi-monthly general membership meetings. Everything is open and transparent, and we believe we’ve created the best “home poker game away from home” for our members and their guests.

Real Poker presents the

The Arizona Poker Tour includes the Arizona State Poker Player of the Year (a points-based contest) and the REAL Arizona State Poker Championship Series (public freerolls).

“Real Poker represents a paradigm shift in how - and where - competitive, professional poker tournaments can be conducted in Arizona. My only wish that they would have been around during my time.” -- Former three-term Phoenix magistrate, poker advocate, and convict-at-large, “Judge” Harold Lee.

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Real Poker LLC is a private, membership club operating as a not-for-profit 501c7 (pending) cooperative. Real Poker has created the Arizona Poker Tour as a series of amusement gambling poker tournaments (APGTs) in furtherance of our exempt purpose: the proliferation of the play, understanding, and appreciation of poker in Arizona. This includes, but is not limited to, those 7 of 15 counties without access to a professionally dealt, competitive game.

© 2018 Real Poker LLC. All Rights Reserved. All opinions expressed
herein are those of private individuals and not an attorney.

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